Questions about PercepTool

1. What does PercepTool do? The camera image and the image on the human retina of the eye see a luminance image that lacks depth. The visual cortex of the brain takes that luminance image and processes it so that the edges and contrast are optimized for a 3D image. PercepTool mimics that process. The […]

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Deconstructing Postmodernism

 Blind Eye: Deconstructing Postmodernism George DeWolfe {Note: This article has been brewing for a number of years and I hope that it allows some clarification on issues that befuddle contemporary photography. At the very least it lays bare the mechanisms of Postmodern photography, the intellectual plague that has populated university art departments and critic’s pens […]

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A phlog is a personal photographic blog.

Specifically, it is my own impassioned and sometimes irreverent thoughts, essays, photographs, journeys, instructions, videos, and cartoons on how I think about photography generally, specifically, and critically (as opposed to contemporary photographic criticism, which is not critical). The alliteration of the word phlog is intentional.

The blog will also include reviews on specialized pieces of equipment such as ball heads, software, and other items – but not cameras – cameras are treated exhaustively elsewhere.

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George DeWolfe

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